YAOM licenses

The YAOM database, scripts and documentation is available under the CC0 1.0 license. If you don't like it, feel free to republish under any license you want! But remember to respect the licenses of the individual datasets by giving them proper attribution and letting users know the license for each dataset you use.

The scripts are dual-licensed under the Zero-Clause BSD (0BSD) and CC0 1.0, as having the source published under a OSI-approved license is a requirement to submit this project to the Sustainable Smart Cities challenge.

Some data providers use licenses that requires YAOM to give attribution to the sources and to let you know what license applies. YAOM gives credit to all data sources, no matter the license, and kindly asks its users to do the same. Users can also find the license for each dataset on the Sources page, in the Downloads section and on the data itself.

Source data license compatiblity

If the license of the source data requires anything else other than reasonable attribution and letting the users know the license, probably it won't be compatible.

Compatible licenses: CC0, PDDL, ODbL, CC BY-SA, ...

Not compatible: CC BY-NC, ...